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Elina Grigoriou

Elina Grigoriou

Design and Sustainability Director, Grigoriou Interiors

Elina is a London-based interior designer, sustainability specialist and wellbeing expert. The co-founder of Grigoriou Interiors, one of the UK’s leading design and sustainability studios, she helps clients become the best they can be and get the most from their people and places.

Working at the heart of the latest industry developments, Elina regularly partners with national and global institutions to raise awareness of designing for sustainability and wellbeing and to drive best practices within the built environment. Recent engagement includes the Net Zero industry led initiative focused on interiors and fit-out, to drive projects and benchmarks to meet the Paris Agreement.

She was instrumental in developing and establishing the SKArating system, was Chair of the SKA Technical Committee from 2008-2023 and is its Technical Advisor to this day. In 2023 she joined and is the chair of the SKArating board of directors.