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James Shearman

James Shearman

Head of ESG, Scape

Over the course of his 15-year career, James has worked in the UK aviation and real estate sector in leading Environmental and Sustainability roles, most recently as the Head of ESG for Scape UK. His work spans across the ESG spectrum from renewable generation, planning, ISO certification and social enterprise.  James’s unique experience has meant he has been at the forefront in developing net zero airports, establishing circular economy practices through B2B collaboration and further enhancing sustainable development practices within the Scape portfolio.

About Scape

When Scape UK came into the market in 2012, student life was undergoing a huge transformation. With higher fees and a more competitive employment market after university, degrees were no longer a rite of passage, but a huge investment for students and their families. It means that students today face more pressure than ever. And the place they call home has never been more important.  At Scape we provide essential residential solutions for those seeking to study within and outside of London, in an environment that maximises the opportunity with welcoming, innovative building design coupled with high levels of service by our management teams by putting our resident’s wellness at the heart of all we do.