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Juliano Chapon

Juliano Chapon

Technical Director , Pell Frischmann

Juliano is a Technical Director within Pell Frischmann’s Buildings Structures team. He started his 18-year career in Brazil and moved to the UK in 2011 to join the team. His experience spans a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, cultural, education, healthcare, and leisure. 

Juliano believes that extending the lease of life of existing buildings is among the most crucial and challenging aspects in the effort to lower carbon emissions. Having been continuously involved in retrofits since the onset of his career, he thrives in overcoming the unique challenges presented by cut and carve projects and enjoys the creative process involved in reinventing old buildings. His notable contributions include the change of use and refurbishment of Centre Point and his ongoing involvement in the Space House retrofit. 

Juliano has been instrumental since the early stages of the Seymour Centre redevelopment. He has assisted Westminster in developing their vision for the new centre, while taking advantage of the existing building fabric and minimising the project’s embodied carbon.