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Kate Harrison

Kate Harrison

Town Hall Quarter Programme Manager, Watford Council

The Town Hall Quarter is an unashamedly ambitious and comprehensive 10 year programme of activity at the northern end of Watford High Street and is a key deliverable within our Council Plan 2022-26. It is a programme for the community, at the heart of the community and brings together a number of key council projects into a single programme of work, with each component contributing to the overall vision, exemplifying our place ambition.

Watford Borough Council

Watford is a thriving town, located some 15 miles north of central London. At just 8 sq miles, with a population of just over 102,000, Watford is one of the most densely populated non-metropolitan boroughs in the country.

Our council is recognised as one of the most forward-looking and creative district councils in the UK. We thrive on thinking differently, pushing the boundaries where we can, to achieve more for Watford - we are seriously ambitious for our town and our people.  Our mission is to harness Watford’s unique energy and enthusiasm, to create the opportunities that will put us proudly on the map for generations to come.