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Liz Allen

Liz Allen

Partner , The Connectives
United Kingdom

Liz Allen - A Partner in The Connectives, Liz is known for transforming creative ideas into realistic deliverable solutions that grow company value and contribute to social changes. Liz has worked with enterprises to evaluate culture change, assess social and economic impact, and ensure that the voice of the person served informs product or service development.  Working with clients in the construction industry she has explored how the use of regenerative materials and approaches, can add social value to individuals and communities.


The Connectives - is a group of people and organisational development, business strategy and innovation consultants. Trading as a social enterprise, our mission is to invest time, money, and intellectual capital to develop partnerships and projects that deliver sustainable solutions.  We believe in positively disrupting the ‘as-is’ in order to consider how we can make life better. We believe in growing prosperity by making a difference on four levels – people, profit, planet, and place – and we use our expertise throughout the UK and around the world in supporting people, businesses, and organisations to do this, with value that can be measured.