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The UK Property Event for a Zero Carbon Future

The award-winning centre of excellence exploring state of the art techniques on carbon reduction








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Every year FOOTPRINT+ brings together every sector of the UK property market to discover and discuss state-of-the-art methods to achieve Net Zero in real estate.
Stakeholders and experts attend to meet face-to-face, learn from each other at the CPD-certified conference and form the relationships required for putting sustainable solutions into practice. 

After 2 amazing years on Brighton seafront, FOOTPRINT+ has come of age and for 2024 will relocate to the centre of the City of London. Our new home will be Old Billingsgate Market; a low-carbon naturally lit and ventilated re-purposing by partner Marco Goldschmied of RSHP with services and structural engineering by ARUP, undertaken as far back as 1985.

We’re doing this because the Green economy needs investment, and investment arms need to understand more about the opportunities this sector offers. We’ll be putting on investor dinners to which our participants will be invited; and as usual, FOOTPRINT+ will be a hotbed of opportunities, knowledge, experience and fun.

2023 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ 2023 Day 1 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ 2023 Day 1 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ 2023 Day 2 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ 2023 Day 2 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ 2023 Day 3 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ 2023 Day 3 Highlights

FOOTPRINT+ is attended by developers, local authorities, housing associations, investors and asset managers of large portfolios, all of whom are intent on reducing their buildings' carbon emissions.

At FOOTPRINT+ they meet with environmental consultants, architects and structural engineers, together with lawyers, energy suppliers and project managers all of whom have relevant up-to-date experience.

FOOTPRINT+ is organised by well-known consultants from the industry; and we invite the most-informed speakers around, so the level of expertise at the event is of the very highest calibre.

Apart from that, we provide beautiful breakfast briefings, thrilling think tanks, crowded conferences and perfect parties. What’s not to like?

“The personal connections you make here are really, really invaluable. Now if I have a specific question I can contact someone I've met at FOOTPRINT+ that I know will have the answer and talk through ideas”

Gareth Roberts: British Land


Our five stages hosted presentations on a huge spectrum of projects and approaches being developed to reduce carbon emissions from the property industry. Over 60 presentations enlightened delegates in often jam-packed audiences, enjoying the quality educational content and engaging debate, meeting the leading speakers from the world of green finance, investment and development.


“This is the only conference in the property sector that’s absolutely focused on carbon reduction pure and simple, and that’s what matters to me”

Chris Clarke: Scape 



Companies took advantage of the opportunity to meet and entertain clients and collaborators with delicious hospitality from Brighton Kitchen. They held breakfast briefings, workshops, discussions and drinks receptions to engage with their marketplace and demonstrate the approaches to carbon-reduction being implemented by their organisations.


“This event really showcases that sustainability and building a better future is within the DNA of so many people. The number of attendees, the people that I've met, the people that have attended the talks – you can see that weight of demand coming through… At FOOTPRINT+ you can see there are people genuinely dedicated to making a better tomorrow”

Ben Cross: General Projects



Local authorities and developers gathered to promote their projects and talk about the opportunities and barriers experienced in bringing these projects forwards. Whether it be the redevelopment of hectares of brownfield sites or the contribution made by one single building, learning from these ground-breaking examples can help all parties reduce carbon emissions from cities and building portfolios.


"The property sector needs confidence, the energy sector needs advocacy and as a local authority we need resource and finance, to deliver on our carbon emission targets.”

Nicola Beech, Cabinet Member, Bristol City Council


Providing the opportunity for companies to present schemes or just hosting a space to talk with other industry insiders, FOOTPRINT+ tradeshow presented a diverse range of specialisms.

From U+I’s Circus Street Morag Myerscough swing art installation to MODA Living’s biophilic living room, exhibitors stepped up to provide engaging environments in which to network and socialise.


“Every part of the industry is here, I've already spoken to developers, occupiers. We’re coming from the investment angle so for us its great for us to make those connections and everybody has the same focus”

Alex Dunn,  Cromwell Property Group


Delegates and speakers found time in their busy conference schedules to sit and chat in our extremely comfortable central networking space. Others kept up with their workload remote working from within the show.

“FOOTPRINT+ is a really important event. We usually go to energy sector conferences and I meet our competitors and suppliers, but here I’m seeing our customers, hearing from them first hand. 

I’m meeting people from the investment community, property owners, property developers, construction businesses."

Mike Reynolds, MD, Vattenfall Heat UK


"The vibe inside was actually electric. There were designers, council members, contractors, politicians, project managers, developers, insurers, communications specialists, academics, funders, all with the same goal, to share knowledge, and have conversations that can change things.

The talks covered all bases; there was a hugely diverse line up of topics. The energy from the whole week, the adrenaline from speaking, and all of the new information whirring around in my head was exhausting. That sums up the whole conference nicely I think, education, unexpected conversations, new ideas, and sunflowers."

Kelly Harrison, Whitby Wood

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What people are saying about FOOTPRINT+

What people are saying about FOOTPRINT+

  • How can all these industries work together to get the right solution? They can do this in this room at FOOTPRINT+.
    Kelly Harrison
    Associate Director Whitby Wood
  • Coming to the conference you are going to be overwhelmed by content, there are four stages, there are Think Tanks, it will keep you going all day long
    Romy Rawlings
    Commercial Director - Vestre
  • Events like this are going to set the framework for the and the calibre of the collective voices that we’ve got in this room is absolutely fundamental to the challenges ahead.
    Tomasz Romaniewicz
    Bond Bryan
  • I don’t know of anything else doing this in the UK that’s doing this all under one roof.
    Will Arnold
    Head of Climate Action, The Institution of Structural Engineers
  • The climate emergency is the biggest challenge humanity is facing. At WSP we are proud to be the catalysts of change in our industry. Now, we all need to come together to re-invent the way we design, the way we build and the way live. Footprint+ will help us do this
    Diego Padilla Philipps
    Net Zero Lead Structures, WSP
  • Everyone has an open mind. The mix of points of view creates a live dialogue for learning that I've really enjoyed
    Mike Reynolds
    Managing Director - Vattenfall Heat
  • It's the face-to-face that's been brilliant. We've all got to get on board with this... and everyone has learnt something today
    Elaine Toogood
    Director of Architecture and Sustainable Design - The Concrete Centre
  • Why should someone come here next year? Because this is the place to be
    Snigdha Jain
    Director of Sustainability - Turley
  • This event, it has got a vibe so if you want to come down its a great place to talk to people, meet people and be inspired.
    Ayo Abbas
    Marketing Strategist, Abbs Marketing
  • This exhibition is going to grow, the subject matter is the most key in our industry. If you are not here you will be left behind!
    Daniel Englender
    Managing Director, Benjamin West
  • The property sector needs confidence, the energy sector needs advocacy and as a local authority we need resource and finance, and money frankly….
    Nicola Beech
    Cabinet Member for Planning, Bristol City Council
  • On the first day we held our own fringe event and we won quite a substantial project on that night.
    Ian Waddingham
    Director, QED Structures
  • So why should somewhere come here next year? Because it is THE place to be…
    Snigdha Jain
  • This is not just about our industry, it’s about our children, their future and what we’ve done with the planet.
    Mitakshi Sirsi
    WILL + Partners
  • 50% of all of the carbon emissions that we need to reduce as we get to 2050 have to come from the built environment. It’s from buildings, it’s from construction, it’s from logistics and it’s from infrastructure. So there’s no escaping the destiny here; it has to be the built environment that takes the lead here.”
    Prof Greg Clark
  • I look forward to working with FOOTPRINT+ over the coming weeks, months and years on this most important of endeavours.
    Lord Callanan
    Minister, Dept for Business Energy & Industry Strategy
  • FOOTPRINT+ is a really important event. I’m meeting people from the investment community, property owners, property developers, construction businesses. Commit to two or three days. The location’s fantastic, with the sea view out of the window, it gives more energy to the room.
    Mike Reynolds
    Manging Director, Vattenfall Heat UK
  • FOOTPRINT+ is the premier net zero event for the built environment sector and, with our focus on ‘local’, we are delighted that it has recognised the key role that Local Government has in tackling climate change
    Nick Kilby
    CEO, Cratus 2050