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We bring the smartest minds in the property carbon-reduction world to FOOTPRINT+, so we think it’s only right for us to disseminate all this experience and knowledge freely. Most of what you hear here won’t have been spoken about before; it’s all hot-off-the-press! If you were at FOOTPRINT+ 2023, you can hear all the talks you couldn’t get to while you were in another of our 5 theatres; and if you weren’t, now is your chance to learn why you need to be at FOOTPRINT+2024 (and it’s all CPD-approved).


How does ESG performance impact asset valuation?


Timber buildings command a premium

Over the horizon: New developments in decarbonising concrete

1 Appold Street – Challenging structural norms

Re-use of steel in practice

Biodiversity Net Gain – Strategies for Securing Compliance with Environment Bank

The role of electricity procurement in decarbonising the UK energy system

Challenging the dominance of Cat A fitout in association with Hollis

Making the steel of tomorrow today with ArcelorMittal    

Keynote: Timber in Construction: The global challenge

Retain, renew or demolish

Concrete: What we can do to decarbonise today