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Incidental meetings are the whole purpose of live events. Every year, the companies who form the most connections have a stand or meeting space where people can find them. It’s always brilliant to do a talk, but once it’s over, unless you have a meeting space, you can be difficult to find in what is a very animated busy event.

Check out this quote from Laura Battye, Research Engineer at Heyne Tillett Steel:

“Having a space here is great, loads of people have come to talk to us, it’s in a great location so we get loads of foot traffic, yesterday we were talking non-stop to people .. we gave loads of demo’s - it’s been really great to have a stand and connect.” 

“The face to face element is a huge benefit, I'm meeting people for the first time that I've had zoom conversations with and it’s always so much nicer to meet someone in person. The interactions you get with a bit of normal eye contact you connect loads better, that’s been really helpful to have the time to have conversations. Having the stand means there’s time to sit down, chill, have a longer conversation on the sofas compared to passing someone quickly in a walkway.” 

You will be allocated an account manager who will guide you through process, helping you to create a bespoke package aligned to your brand and budget, ensuring your organisation's space is a welcoming and engaging place to promote your company.

Each meeting space is prepared, installed and subsequently demounted for you by our contractors CES who will provide a creative and seamless roll out of your vision onsite. In alignment with our Zero Waste ethos, nothing goes to landfill; all parts are reused countless times and the graphic display is either fully recycled or yours to take home after the show. You simply need to come along on the day, bring your laptop, take your seat and let the networking begin!

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