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If you want to hear what people get out of visiting FOOTPRINT+, the simplest way is to read what they say on our reviews page. Nothing is negative; everyone raves about the event, who they met, what they learnt, what they took away.


From our end we have a responsibility to maintain this very high bench-mark, as our contacts base grows, we are increasingly approached by enthusiastic members of our audience who have new and exciting things to talk about, and new knowledge and experience to impart. 

So this year we have put in place a small panel of respected industry specialists, each at the forefront of one of our 6 stage subject matters, and they will oversee and guide our selection processes for the discussions to keep them absolutely at the cutting edge.

Lastly, we’ve moved to the Thames by London Bridge this year, so delegates can come and go more freely over the two days. So why not book your tickets now?