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Rebekah Needham, CBRE

There are representatives from different sectors, all different sizes of companies all with one focus of discussion so it’s a fantastic place to network and share ideas.

Kirsty Draper, JLL 

The element that I tend to focus on is that connection between sustainability and the market.  It’s really important from a carbon perspective that technically we get things right but we need to ensure that we are delivering something that the market values and that they understand.

Gareth Roberts, British Land  

The personal connections you make here are really, really invaluable. Now if I have a specific question I can contact someone I've met at FOOTPRINT+ that I know will have the answer and talk through ideas.

Laura Battye, Heyne Tillett Steel 

All the exhibitors have come such a long way since last year, and it’s really exciting to see loads of progress in the future of new concrete....which is really encouraging. There’s loads of momentum in the space and I'm excited to see what the next year brings.

Stephanie Burrell, World Economic Forum 

The breadth of the people who I've been able to speak to today has been fantastic from local authorities through to developers, people in the construction industry – I've had a whole host of conversations I wasn’t expecting to have and that’s been thoroughly enjoyable.

Russ Avery, Avery Brown  

You really need to be here if you’re serious about transitioning towards a sustainable and regenerative built environment, if you work in anything to do with net zero carbon buildings this is the place to be – network with your peers, learn from others and have fun.  

Alex Dunn, Cromwell Property Group 

Every part of the industry is covered here. I’ve spoken to developers, occupiers. We are coming from the investment angle so for us it’s great to make those connections, and everybody has the same focus.

Chris Clarke, Scape  

The conversations going on here are not regurgitations of important messages, they are moving forward discussions – that feels important. If you’re someone who’s trying to make a difference it's well worth being here so that your voice is a part of that very contemporary discussion.

Rosie Cabe, Built by Nature   

It’s the quality of the talks, the sheer knowledge and the passion of the speakers and I think the way that its curated. You can see that the conference is maturing and it’s attracting more people and a wider range of people which I think is great to see, so it’s leading to really good conversations.

Sadaf Askari, Hydrock  

At the end of the day the built environment is affecting carbon emissions and we have to do something about it and this is a very good starting place. I don’t see competition here, what I see is collaboration, partnership, learning experiences and making sure we join forces to actually answer some of the challenges we’re facing in the climate change war.

Will Arnold, IStructE 

Not only are you going to learn a lot if you come here because of the speakers, because of the discussions but actually if you want to grow your network in this area and learn from other people going forward this is the place to meet them. You're going to meet the contacts that are going to help you in your work when you get back to the office on Monday.

Jason Horner, Hilson Moran

I’ve come to FOOTPRINT+ this year, with a number of my colleagues from Hilson Moran – one because we took a lot away from last year, two because the focus has shifted slightly to the existing built environment and retrofit and we at Hilson Moran are quite passionate about that.... This year there’s a lot more ‘focus’ on the demand side, the carbon content whole life carbon of buildings and I don’t think there are any other conferences that necessarily do that.

Simon-Joe Portal, Drees & Sommer  

There isn’t really another event here in the UK that focuses on circularity, carbon and sustainability, for the people that are asking the hard questions and that’s why we’re here because we want to be challenged when we’re speaking and we want to be having conversations with people that are doing stuff that we’re not.

Laura Battye, Heyne Tillett Steel 

Having a space here is great, loads of people have come to talk to us, it’s in a great location so we get loads of foot traffic, yesterday we were talking non-stop to people .. we gave loads of demo’s - it’s been really great to have a stand and connect.

Will Hawkins, Bath University  

Coming to FOOTPRINT+ is a really good opportunity to get up to date with whats happening in the industry and also meet people. I’ve met lots of new contacts that I'll stay in touch with as well as people that I knew before. The people that are here are really interested and directly involved with decarbonising the built environment.

Francesca Prestinoni, Hilson Moran

FOOTPRINT+ is a great place to showcase the amazing work that is happening in the built environment. It’s not bound to only one industry, I think it’s about collaborating and bringing everybody together to bring solutions that are realistic.

Marie-Louise Schembri,Hilson Moran  

This event really showcases that sustainability and building a better future is within the DNA of so many people. Just the number of attendees, the people that I've met, the people that have attended the talks – you can see that weight of demand coming through... here you can actually start to see there are people genuinely dedicated to making a better tomorrow.

Kelly Harrison, Whitby Wood

I came last year and I found it super inspirational, felt there were lots of people here with really good ideas, really enthusiastic, great conversations and more ideas come out of that and made some great connections.

Jo Blood, Love Your Workspace    

It’s been one of the best shows I've ever attended and I think it’s because everyone feels like they’re pulling in the same direction, everybody wants to achieve something and we’re not all quite sure how to do it or what all the answers are but some of the conversations that we’ve had feel like they have real potential to make lasting changes for the future.

Matthew Blair, BVN  

I came to FOOTPRINT+ today to meet like-minded professionals who are actually trying to make a better future for the built environment using the natural environment.

Dave Jones, One Click LCA   

We chose to make the investment to come here a) to support the event and b) for general networking …. exhibiting this year has shown us that we will come away with people that are genuinely interested in what we do – it's been a win win for us

Arran Aris, Simpson Strong Tie

It’s been a great opportunity to speak to architects and engineers... the conversations have been really positive. This is our first year here, I've been pleasantly surprised about the footfall that’s come through and everyone that’s come on the stand and talk. We’re right next to the Timber stage which is beneficial for us.

Gareth Roberts, British Land    

What I'll be taking away from FOOTPRINT+ is to renew the energy and bright ideas to challenge ourselves to be better and improved so it’s been really inspirational for that innovation piece.

Neil Murphy, Town  

It’s important that the people that work in the sustainability and property industry are at this event because it really is where the conversation is being pushed forward. It really is much more cutting edge than some of things you might hear at some of the other events … it’s really good to hear people talking about technology, finance and the design altogether.

Pablo van den Bosch, Madaster  

It’s fantastic to be here because the people that actually know what circularity is about, work with it, act with it and are the front leaders are here.

Graham Munday, Hydrock  

FOOTPRINT+ is drawing a large audience across the built environment in terms of developers, local authorities, the design teams etc so that’s a great place to bring this conversation together and share ideas, hear different things that are going on in the market.

Will Arnold, IStructE  

I came to FOOTPRINT+ this year because you have the best speakers in the country speaking about the topics that matter the most. This is the place to come to talk about sustainability in buildings.

Ana Dias, Drees & Sommer 

Having the 5 different stages brings really important topics to the agenda, it really brings a lot more to the discussion and broadens the discussions on the transition to a more sustainable built environment.

Anna Maclean, SRE  

When you look at this list of attendees there’s people from every single area of sustainability in the built environment – that hasn’t been done before in the UK before.

David Cowdrey, MCS Charitable Foundation  

First impression – really busy, absolutely fantastic venue. Would I come again? Absolutely I would come again.

Tom Wigg, UKGBC

Why would you come next year? Well look at this; it's amazing.

Alice Hiley, ECD Architects      

The app by the way is fantastic, it’s a really nicely set up app that allows you to navigate the event really well and set up your own schedule.