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  • FOOTPRINT Conference - Watch

    22 Sep 2022 FOOTPRINT+
    FOOTPRINT Conference The regulation of heat: A new era for heat networks
  • FOOTPRINT Table Talks - Watch

    09 Mar 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    Why build with wood? Architect Andrew Waugh talks with developer Francis Hilton
  • FOOTPRINT+ 2022

    30 Nov 2022
  • FOOTPRINT+ 2023

    05 Feb 2023
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    10 Nov 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    Concrete is the second most consumed material on earth after water and to make concrete, we need cement.
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    09 Sep 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    Insuring Timber Buildings
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    07 Sep 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    The end of expensive bin stores; Dave Buckley of automated waste collection specialist, Envac UK talks with architect Paul Monaghan of AHMM
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    10 Aug 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    Carbon in structures; Structural Engineer Mark Tillett talks with architect Ben Adams
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    06 Jul 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    De-carbonising steel; Walter Swann UK head of research of ArcelorMittal talks to Diego Phillips Net Zero leader from WSP
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    09 Jun 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    The remarkable process of removing the entire façade from an office building, completely refurbishing it and fixing it back again.
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    05 May 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    Discussing the requirements that investors are placing on developers to reduce the whole life cycle carbon emissions from buildings in order to access funding.
  • FOOTPRINT+ Table Talks - Watch

    06 Apr 2021 FOOTPRINT+
    Juliette Morgan at British Land and Marie-Louise Schembri of Hilson Moran help us navigate through the sometimes contentious world of Carbon Offsetting.
  • Katie Clemence-Jackson

    14 Jun 2022 Constructive Voices
    And I think what we’ve learned from a lot of the talks happening today and happening yesterday and untold conferences, the value of collaboration and communication.
  • Nick Hillard

    12 Jul 2022 Constructive Voices
    “45% saving against the traditional reinforced concrete method of construction”
  • Paul Sullivan

    12 Jul 2022 Constructive Voices
    “The work needs to be done out there by 2030, we are just concerned whether there is the trades to do it. We have estimated that there is probably a shortfall of about 130,000 tradesmen."