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Our Waste

The show will be produced with a total commitment to zero waste.

The majority of materials used to build the show are simply hired:

  • the marquees

  • the power and lighting equipment

  • the stands (beMatrix system)

  • the furniture

  • the bars

All of it just goes back for re-use.

The carpet used is 100% recycled EVO . They sell recycled pellets for reuse in the plastics industry contributing to the development of the Circular Economy.

The show will be provided with recycling points and this segregated waste will be collected for recycling by a local licensed waste contractor. Single use plastic will be banned and water fountains will be available throughout the event.

Our Drink

FOOTPRINT+ Coffee is supplied by White Cloud Coffee based in Brighton. Sustainably farmed, locally roasted, Fair Trade coffee. 

Our Food

FOOTPRINT+ is working with a local catering company, Brighton Kitchen who caters well for vegetarians and vegans, and the majority of their dishes are gluten-free, so everyone is welcome at the party.


Who's Attending

Who's Attending