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  1. Round Table Room
    60 mins

    The session will highlight the pivotal role of contractors in driving energy-efficient building delivery through "Design for Performance"; identifying the risks and opportunities around data and discussing the collaborative approach needed to bridge the performance gap.

    Contractors play a pivotal role in the delivery of low energy intensity buildings through the holistic application of "Design for Performance" principles. By actively engaging with the design process, contractors can integrate energy-efficient solutions from the construction phase, contributing significantly to the realisation of sustainable building performance objectives.

    The power and importance of data cannot be overstated. For contractors, harnessing data analytics and performance metrics, offers a unique opportunity to understand, optimise, and validate the performance of buildings.

    This data-driven approach facilitates informed decision-making at every stage, from design and construction through to handover and in-use. Similarly, for customers, access to performance data empowers them to make informed choices aligned with their sustainability goals, while also enabling them to monitor and verify the ongoing operational performance of the building.

    The efficient utilisation of data, acts as the linchpin in closing the performance gap, enabling contractors and customers to identify potential deviations from design expectations and take corrective actions. This underscores the critical need for collaboration, transparency, and accountability throughout the entire lifecycle of the building, from conception to occupancy.

    Ultimately, by optimising the process through data-driven insights, contractors and customers can jointly drive the realisation of low energy intensity buildings, unlocking long-term operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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  1. Round Table Room
    60 mins
    • Fringe

    The impacts of climate change are all around us. So, what practical steps should you take to adapt your business, supply chains and real estate to mitigate the risks and ensure long-term resilience and success? 

    Join our roundtable debate to explore how evidence-based climate risk and vulnerability studies can shape the adaptation of real estate, so it’s resilient, valued, and not stranded.

    Led by our team at Hydrock who conducted a ground-breaking climate risk study of the University of Nottingham’s campus, we’ll debate with you:

    • How to identify the physical and transitional risks of climate change to your business and real estate
    • How to develop an adaptation strategy and prioritise investment
    • How adaptation is a critical part of your overall ESG strategy

    Capacity is limited to 14 to encourage a lively, candid and collaborative conversation.

    Refreshments will be provided.

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    *Spaces are limited, interest will be reviewed by the Hydrock team and confirmed directly.